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3 palettes to combine Classic Blue

by Elena Abascal
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Wall surfaced with Doppel 573

Chosen by the Global Colour Authority, Pantone, the colour of the year 2020 is Classic Blue, representing calm, confidence and connection. A timeless colour, like our mosaic tiles, helping to focus the mind and inspire creativity.

Profound and elegant, Pantone 19-4052 is inspired by a landscape under the evening sky and the desire for stability in the face of the new era we are experiencing. Thus, this is a colour that offers tranquillity and optimism, inspiring concentration and fortitude.

Bathroom designed by Nobohome with a customised floor using the Hexagonos model with personalised colours


In a world where technology advances without pause and we have to face new challenges, Pantone aims to capture the mood of people around the world, seeking the chromatic range that will help us feel sheltered and strengthen our resolve in the face of adversity. Hence, Classic Blue. A colour that inspires resilience during the particularly challenging year 2020.

Classic Blue in Art Factory designs

Cross stitch design reinterpreted in mosaic tile with tesserae in Classic Blue / Exteko Madrid LÁZARO ROSA VIOLÁN

Hisbalit offers 3 colours in the chromatic range of Classic Blue (Unicolor 240, Unicolor 320 and Chrome Blue) that have already been included into customised mosaic tile designs, such as the custom floor design by the Lázaro Rosa Violán design studio for the Etxeko Madrid, or the floor created by Proyecto Singular for the restaurant Oven Fuencarral.

Personalised floor from Art Factory Hisbalit for the restaurant Oven Fuencarral |PROJECT SINGULAR

Hisbalit references in the chromatic range of the colour of the year

3 palettes to combine


With a range of cool blues accompanied by warmer tones, the “Ponder” palette has a soothing, reflective effect.


The “Snorkel” palette invites us to travel to idyllic destinations where Classic Blue provides the perfect centrepiece.

Exotic Tastes

Adventurous and intriguing, the fusion of “Exotic Tastes” connects us to nature, bringing us harmony and wellbeing.

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