Home DIY Christmas DIY with mosaic tiles. Imagine, combine and create… let’s get busy!

Christmas DIY with mosaic tiles. Imagine, combine and create… let’s get busy!

by Hisbalit
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DIY adorno navideño con mosaicos

All set for your Christmas decorations this year? What about adding a personal touch with some DIY? We love to imagine and create spaces full of colour and personality. That’s why we’re proposing a fun activity for this season! “Create your own Christmas tree ornaments using mosaic tiles” The idea? To make this year’s Christmas extra special!

Goodbye to the traditional, be bold with colours in your Christmas DIY!

Imagine what you want to create, use a combination of our mosaic tiles to create unique Christmas ornaments in your favourite colours. Dare to go beyond the traditional reds and greens by adding pink, silver, gold or even add a tone of the trendiest colour for 2018: “Ultraviolet”. What do you think?

DIY navideño

If you love the combination of “Black and White”, why not add it to your Christmas décor?

DIY navideño con mosaicos

What kinds of ornaments can I make with mosaic tiles for my Christmas DIY?

The only limit is your imagination! Flowers, Christmas trees, stars, diamonds, gift boxes, sugar canes, angels… you can also invent your own figures. Start with a rough sketch. Don’t worry if inspiration doesn’t come at once. Save it, put it aside and continue when your imagination is running at full steam! The idea is to enjoy yourself:

Think out of the box! Create something special: a Christmas wreath, a snowman, a reindeer. Come up with other ideas!

Recycle and reuse materials you have at home: ribbons, fabrics, boxes. Experiment with textures!

DIY Christmas ornaments with the kids

To create figures with the little ones, choose simple forms. The important thing is to add fun and imagination and lots of colour!

DIY Navidad con mosaicos

What materials do I need for my Christmas DIY with mosaic tiles?  

  • Hisbalit mosaic tiles
  • Cardboard
  • String (you can also use ribbon or packing tape).
  • Glue (white school glue is ideal). You can also use a glue gun.
  • Scissors


DIY Navidad con mosaicos

Step-by-step Christmas DIY by Hisbalit

  • Sketch out the shape of your Christmas ornament on a piece of cardboard and start gluing the mosaic tiles to create the figure you want.

  • A drop of glue for each piece is enough. Leave it to dry.

  • When dry, cut out the shape.
  • Now it’s time to do the other side. First attach the string. Make a loop and glue the ends to the cardboard. When dry continue gluing the mosaic tiles until the figure is finished. When it’s dry you can hang it on your Christmas tree!

Like the idea? We would love to see the final results! Would you share your creations with us on social media? Use our hashtag #NavidadConHisbalit #MiAdornoHisbalit #HisbalitDIY

Other Christmas DIY ideas with mosaic tiles

Instead of something for the tree you can also create different Christmas ornaments with mosaic tiles! Take a look at to this video on how to make a colourful Christmas candleholder!

DIY mosaico navideño

If you are really game and want to take up our Hisbalit challenge, try this spectacular Christmas table! You can create it using our Urban Chic mosaic tiles. Follow the advice of Pepe Leal for a perfect result!  We’re sure your Christmas meal this year will be full of style and glamour!

DIY Mosaico Navidad

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