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We’re launching our new décor catalogue! More design, more inspiration!

by Hisbalit
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Catálogo Decoración Hisbalit 2017

Looking for inspiration for your next interior design project? Need a guide to all the decorative possibilities of mosaic tiles? Discover a new world with our latest décor catalogue! Almost 200 pages full of style, elegance, colour and lots of mosaic tiles!

The 3 keys to Hisbalit’s new décor catalogue

  • A journey through our most striking projects

As a new feature, the catalogue includes a number of projects in which Hisbalit played a part. A quick look at the wide variety of spaces that can be transformed using mosaic tiles, demonstrating their unique versatility: restaurants, homes, offices, shops, cultural centres, hotels… with an endless range of options to choose from. Hisbalit mosaic tiles fit any project and, most importantly, they make it unique. Which do you like most?

Nuevo Catálogo de Decoración Hisbalit. Hotel W Punta de Mita

  • Trends in décor for 2018

Immerse yourself in an explosion of colour! Check out the latest trends in décor for 2018. All the finishes, tones, formats and colours are the star of exciting interior design and décor projects for the coming year.

Nuevo Catálogo de Decoración Hisbalit. Art Factory

    • All the Hisbalit Collections

    Learn more about the details and characteristics of the Hisbalit collections: from the most emblematic, such as Unicolor or Niebla, to our Urban Chic, Luxe, Texturas or Stone collections.

    Additionally, explore all the possibilities offered by gradations, combinations and personalisation. Have you heard of Art FactoryDon’t miss our unique and exclusive personalisation service! Your ideas made reality in mosaic tile. Our designers will bring your creativity to life using the highest quality mosaic tiles. You choose the motifs, compositions, prints, colours, textures… There are no limits to your imagination! Give a personal and exclusive touch to any space.

    More innovations? See how our Identity collection can transform any space. We know you can wait any longer! Click here and fall in love with the geometric world of Hisbalit!


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