Mosaic blender for customized mixtures

With our MIXTURES CONFIGURATOR tool you can customize mixtures as you please:

Easy, intuitive, interactive…
– Choose one, or several, collections;
– Select the format and colors you wish to combine;
– Specify the percentages of each color reference;
– Create the mixture, visualize and print it before you place your order.

Use it to create your own customized mixtures:

MIX 15: From a base of at least 85% of UNICOLOR or NIEBLA, you have the possibility of adding 15% of any of our collections (except Starlight and Urban Chic). Give free rein to your imagination!

Open MIX: Create infinite combinations. There is the possibility of using any of the collections introducing the percentages you decide on. Unique and exceptional creations imagined by you.

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