Autumn Trends: Urban Chic

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Autumn Trends: Urban Chic


September, a month of new beginnings and time for one of the most anticipated events in interior design and décor: Maison & Objet.

We find inspiration in Paris, in its “French Style”, its streets and buildings, in “Parisien Bohéme” and all its glamour.
We recover the high ceilings, luminous rooms, rich mouldings and colour-washed woods combined with the latest Deco trends.

The Roaring 20’s

With the end of the First World War, Paris lived an explosion of joy and celebration in every field, becoming a beacon for artists, writers and poets. This gathering of talent in the City of Light resulted in a whole range of avant-garde movements and new artistic trends, especially Art Deco.

The refinement of Art Deco’s precise clean lines, geometric shapes, luxurious materials and the play of volumes and forms imparted a unique energy to furniture, jewellery, glasswork, photography, cinema and graphic arts.


The decorative arts were reborn, opening new avenues for chromatic combinations, prints and fabrics.

Opulence and extravagance served as a welcome contrast to the years of war and austerity as well as a form of escapism from the looming economic depression and the threat of a second war. Enjoying life, to the rhythm of jazz, became an obsession.

Fascination for the Modern, Autumn Trends

The decorative tastes of this era were expressed in a passion for opulent materials such as aluminium, copper, steel, ebony, rosewood, marble, granite, furs and other exotic materials such as mother of pearl, tortoiseshell, shark and zebra skins and newer materials such as chrome and plastic.

The interplay of black and white became one of the hallmarks of the Art Deco style, combined with metallic greys, gold-leaf, chrome and bronze with bright colours.



Contemporary revival

Copper, brass, grille-work, marble, linen and velvet combined with a pallet of ochres, powder pink and terracotta are used to create sophisticated spaces with a fresh, contemporary feel.

We are suggesting our Urban Chic catalogue this autumn with more eclectic, modern and casual combinations for the season.


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